Conflict and human interventions have rapidly transformed food-consumption habits and the biodiversity of the Mediterranean. In Gaza, the fish market is unreliable because of the ongoing war. Fishermen’s access to the sea is restricted by the Israeli government that keeps varying the fishing distance from shore. Irregular rules make for a continually changing menu of available fish and impact the local and regional ecosystem.

The fishing sector, another major source of livelihoods and supplier of food for Gaza’s residents, has suffered for years under limitations Israel enforces in Gaza’s sea space, as well as restrictions it imposes on the entry of “dual-use” equipment and materials needed for repair and maintenance of fishing boats, which have left many boats out of commission. According to Gaza’s Fishermen’s Union, Israeli authorities are well aware of the acute need for fiberglass, steel cables, boat engines and spare parts. Still, applications made by suppliers to coordinate the entry of these products have been delayed or received no response.”

Source: Gisha

Foundation for Achieving Seamless Territory, 2021